"Something" is reflected in the pho...


"Something" is reflected in the photo taken on an unmanned platform. is the topic

-- A Twitter user's report is trending.

This was posted by Twitter user Hasami (@obakegakichau) on August 15, 2020. The black and white snapshot was taken around 22:50 on the 14th at the home of Nishi-Nippori Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line).

Can you see the black shadow in the background of the photo? It may be easier to understand if you move your line of sight to the back as if tracing the white platform door from the front.

A zoomed-in photo of "something" (photographed and trimmed by Hasami)

A black "something" as high as the platform door. Mr. Hasami describes the situation at that time as

and look back. What was its identity? on twitter

There are voices trembling with fear.

Instinctively, I thought, "Oh my God!" Maybe.

Photo taken at an empty home

On August 17, the J Town Net editorial department asked Hasami, the photographer, about the situation in more detail.

How does he perceive what he sees?

That day, Hasami-san took the Chiyoda Line bound for Yoyogi-Uehara from Kita-Ayase and got off at Nishi-Nippori Station. On Twitter, it is described as "an unmanned station platform", but it is said that "there were some people" on the train.

Beginning with photography as a hobby, he thinks it's practice and takes snapshots of anything in a non-genre style. His photos are in black and white because that's the setting he usually likes to use. “I like to use black and white, which has no color, because it has less information, so I can concentrate on the light and shade and details,” he says.

When I took a picture of the station platform, I used this setting. It seems that retouching (editing of photos and images) is not done.

The screen of the camera that was taken (photo from Hasami's tweet on the 15th)

What was the "something" that appeared in the photo and moved strangely?

"I have no idea. I would like to hear opinions from experts," said Hasami. Still, about the state of "something",

said. In addition, along with the voice on Twitter saying "I can't see his face", he talks about his feelings when he met him.

He left. As of the 17th, his physical condition is said to be "not feeling sick".

I didn't know what the "something" was after all. Do you have any idea...