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Beautiful and comfortable

▲ Manneken Pis is sick

I try not to use the expression "too beautiful" so easily.

I found a physics puzzle game in which the expression of water is so beautiful that it breaks such "my rules", so I would like to introduce it!

▲ Water drops

Somehow I was staring at the title screen. "Water drops" on the screen of the terminal, from top to bottom.

It was so natural that I inadvertently "wipe" the screen with my finger.

▲ Water is Zappan

Then what is it? Isn't the water rippling in response to the movement of your finger?

Speaking of which, this commitment to the title screen just for pressing the start button.

Expectations will rise regardless of whether or not.

Yellow block

▲ Let's move the yellow block

A toy duck floats on the pooled water.

If you move the "yellow block" that blocks the flow of water with your finger ...

▲ Lead the duck to the goal

The barn and water flow, and the duck goes down the step with the momentum. Beyond that is the "GOAL area".

When the duck touches the GOAL area for 3 seconds, the stage will be cleared.

Next stage

▲ With the same feeling

The next stage.

It seems that the yellow block stops the flow of water here as well. As before, if you move the yellow block around ...

【個人開発ゲームを斬る】アプリ史上トップクラス! 美しすぎる水のパズル『a[Q]ua』 | スマホゲーム情報ならファミ通App

▲ Goodbye duck

A duck goes to the bottom of the abyss along with the flow of water.

You have to do something about the "hole" in front of the goal area.

Click here for the correct answer

▲ It was good, duck-chan

Click here for the correct answer.

The yellow box is not an obstacle, but a magic box that guides the duck to the goal.

"Child duck"

▲ Aim for perfect score evaluation

If you pick up the "child duck" that has fallen on the stage and reach the goal, the evaluation at the time of clearing will improve.

The number of child ducks is three per stage.

Let's aim for all the child ducks by retrying while aiming for the goal for the time being.

▲ Momentum is important

Not only do you have to let the water flow, but sometimes you have to create it yourself.

For example, this stage. If you move the yellow box vigorously from right to left ...

▲ Flash flood!

The water pushed out into the yellow box flows vigorously through the narrow passage and pushes the duck to the goal.

▲ Sometimes with brute force

Depending on the stage, it is possible to put the duck in the yellow box and forcibly bring it to the goal without worrying about the flow of water.

I don't know if this is the correct way to clear it ...

With coins

▲ The shadow I saw somewhere

As you clear the stages, you will earn "coins". You can use the coin to get a new character that will replace the duck.

Among them are the names of the popular Youtuber, HIKAKIN, and Hajime Syacho! ??

▲ HIKAKIN swept away by Manneken Pis

It seems that there are still wonderful stages and gimmicks, but it's also a spoiler, so I'd like to ask Mr. Itanokumabo, who developed this app, various things.

Q1. What made you decide to make "a [Q] ua"?

Maybe that's right, but I came up with it when I was taking a bath. I've always wanted to make a game that uses fluid simulation, so I thought, "This is it!"

Q2. How long is the production period? Where did you have a hard time?

When I started making it, I was enthusiastic that it would be completed in 1 month, no, 2 weeks, but it took 4 months after all. It took time to bring the movement and appearance of the water to a comfortable level.

Also, it was very difficult to adjust the difficulty level. Before the release, we exhibited the app at the Tokyo Game Show, but at that time, the puzzles were difficult and many people stopped playing, so the speed of increase in difficulty was considerably slowed down. Before the surface that requires a new technique, we always place a surface where the technique can be learned naturally.

Q3. What are the selling points of "I want you to see here!" And "This is the selling point!"

After all it is "movement of water" first! And "the beauty of the screen" and "the cuteness of the ducks". And also "sound"! The voice of the duck is cute and the sound of the water is pleasant, so I definitely want you to make a sound and play.

Also, although it does not affect the game itself, the water droplets on the screen and the water dripping down the screen are very particular about creating an atmosphere! There was a person who said, "I thought the screen was really wet and wiped it off," and it was worth sticking to.

Q4. By the way, how did you decide on the title "a [Q] ua"? Is it a pun?

Since the app is water-themed, I decided from the beginning to include the word “aqua”. Since it is a puzzle, I capitalized the q of aqua and emphasized it so that it can be understood that it is a game that uses the head. "Water ~" and "Duck ~" are attached as captures so that the overall feeling of words is gentle and cute. I'm seriously thinking about it! !!

Q5. By the way, your wife made the pixel art of the previous work "Memorial Gacha Gacha". What is your role this time?

* "Memorial Gacha Gacha" Nostalgic Gacha App that drifts in the Showa era

"A [Q] ua" didn't have a place for pixel art to play an active role, so this time my wife was mainly in charge of test play. The program and design of this app are made by myself. However, in "a [Q] ua", it is possible to collect various ducks, and when designing it, I took in the opinions of her wife and aimed for a cute app.

Q6. Where is "The stage here is the God stage!"?

My favorite is 36 pages. You can laugh at the duck flying on the Manneken Pis pee! As a puzzle, I think the final 5 sides are quite responsive. Especially on the final side, you can't clear it without some "awareness", so I definitely want you to take on the challenge.

Q7. How is the reaction and response after the release? Did you have an interesting reaction?

I am delighted to hear many voices saying, "Anyway, it feels good and fun." More people than I expected were playing until it was completely clear, and I was struck by the fact that they liked it.

I think it's the same app developer, but when I saw the tweet "I started thinking it was for research, but I can't stop!", I thought "I'll do it!" (Laughs).

Also, this time, I received some reports that the children are enjoying themselves because they seem to like it. I was really happy with this.

Q8. Please give us a final word!

I completed it with the intention of making a "toy" on the screen of my smartphone! I think it became a fun app just by touching it. I think you can feel the comfort just by looking at the PV, so please have a look! !!

We would like to continue to add new ducks and new gimmicks to grow them, so please look forward to those who have cleared all of them! !! If you write a review in the store, I will do my best so I would appreciate your favor. M (_ _) m Also, as "a little extra information", you can tap various places on the title screen to play!

A puzzle game that is beautiful to look at and fun to touch. Please try it out!

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