The United States shot and killed a...


The United States shot and killed a policeman who fired a New year's salute without warning (AP)-Yahoo! Journalism



Canton, Ohio, Jan. 7 (AP)-Police in Canton, Ohio in the Midwest released a fuselage camera image on January 6, recording the scene of an unwarned police shooting in the city of New Year's Eve at night. Ms. James Williams, 46, was shot several times in the chest when New Year's Day, who had just changed New Year's Eve's start date, was taken to hospital to be certified dead. In the public picture of the police, someone fired a series of gunshots into the sky on the inside of the fence. Gunfire was heard and smoke could be seen in the wall. Police officers on their way to the scene fired several shots at gunshots across the fence. Then he shouted twice: "it's the policeman. Get down." According to Ms. Williams' wife, Ms. Marketta, Ms. Williams fired her wife's AR-15 automatic rifle into the sky to celebrate the New year. Mr. Marketta explained that the New year's gun salute is a tradition in this regard. The solidarity police searched Mr. Williams' house, and Mr. Williams, who was shot in the chest, fell on the floor of the living room. Mr. Williams has four daughters and two stepsons. Canton Police Department did not release the name of the officer who opened fire without warning, and he is said to be suspended. The case has been investigated by the Ohio Criminal investigation Bureau. (Aflo, Japanese translator editor)


米で警察官が警告なしで発砲 新年の祝砲撃った男性を射殺(AP通信) - Yahoo!ニュース