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Yodobashi Camera starts selling small electric mobility from Shinjuku West Exit Main Store and


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ヨドバシカメラ、小型電動モビリティの販売開始 新宿西口本店とヨドバシ・ドット・コムから

Yodobashi Camera launches small electric mobility

Yodobashi Camera is Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Main Store and Sales of "REVERSE TRIKER 3.0" (three-wheeled, two-seater), "X-TREME EVO" (two-wheeled, one-seater), and "ASSIST WALKER" (four-wheeled, one-seater) have started. Small electric mobility, which is attracting attention as a next-generation means of transportation, is a convenient and fun vehicle with the theme of "friendly to people, the environment, and wallets." These mobility, which can be driven with an ordinary driver's license, can be driven by electric power without using gasoline. Not only "zero CO2 emissions", "low noise" and "low fuel consumption" realized by general EVs (electric vehicles), but also no vehicle inspection or garage certification is required, and maintenance costs are significantly reduced compared to cars and motorcycles. It has been realized. It can be charged from a household 100V power supply, and anyone can use it with confidence. Vehicle fan was founded in 2009. A long-established brand that offers fun vehicles that are friendly to the global environment, body, and wallet, and specialize in convenient and fun "electric". We are working toward a sustainable society by proposing approaches to various social problems and realizing affluent lives for people through electric mobility. The "EV-TUK TUK" launched by Yodobashi Camera this time is registered as a "light two-wheeled vehicle with sidecars" without doors on both sides, and can be driven with an ordinary driver's license. Since it can accommodate 3 people, it is ideal for short-distance shopping, driving, and transportation. The cruising range is 80km ± 10km. The price is 660,000 yen. The "VF-3" is registered as a three-wheeled "minicar" with doors on both sides, and can be driven with an ordinary driver's license. It can be comfortably driven by one person and can be driven like a passenger car. Security is also safe because it is equipped with an immobilizer. Ideal for short-distance shopping and driving. The cruising range is 60km ± 10km. The price is 830,000 yen. "REVERSE TRIKER 3.0" is a "light two-wheeled vehicle with sidecar" registration of 2 front wheels + 1 rear wheel, and can be driven with an ordinary driver's license. The swing mechanism of the front two wheels realizes excellent road surface responsiveness, and features sharp acceleration and quietness unique to electric power. It can accommodate two people and drive on the highway, making it ideal for driving a little long distance. The cruising range is 80km ± 10km. The price is 550,000 yen. "X-TREME EVO" is an evolved version of the electric kickboard, and one or two mopeds can be registered. A powerful motor with a maximum output of 2000W and a lightweight body realize amazing acceleration. In addition, the comfortable ride due to the front and rear suspension is also recommended for everyday use. The cruising range is about 40km. The price is 159,000 yen. "ASSIST WALKER" is a walking assistance mobility that allows you to move easily anywhere. Since it is treated as a pedestrian at a maximum speed of 6km / h, it can run on public roads and sidewalks. With the electric folding mechanism and lightweight design, it can be brought not only to automobiles but also to buses, trains, and airplanes, expanding the range of activities. From children to seniors, from everyday life to world travel, you can enjoy going out. The cruising range is about 12km. The price is 242,000 yen. In addition, you can actually experience next-generation mobility by preparing an actual vehicle at the Shinjuku West Exit Main Store. In addition, a separate shipping fee will be charged when the vehicle is delivered. Shipping charges vary from 30,000 yen to 180,000 yen depending on the region. In addition, it is necessary to subscribe to the car delivery pack (registration fee, number registration fee, weight tax, automobile liability insurance (3 years), car delivery cost, 1 year compensation pack) at the time of purchase.

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