A fledgling photographer interviews...


A fledgling photographer interviews photographers Behind the scenes of the Beijing Olympics "shooting" ~Shaved eyebrows...Snowy mountain edition~

Ryoyu Kobayashi's gold-medal-winning jump (from NTV cameraman footage)

A novice photographer covers the Beijing Olympics Behind the scenes of

The Beijing Olympics were held in an unusual environment. The players were in full spirit there, and photographers around the world captured many historic moments. As a novice photographer, I interviewed a photographer I met on the set. This time, "Snow Mountain Edition". Many images captured in unimaginable environments, what is behind the scenes of the shooting? ■Fighting against the 'extreme cold' ``I already shaved my eyebrows. cameraman. The video captures the very moment when Ryoyu Kobayashi won the gold medal in the men's normal hill ski jump. On the other hand, there was a battle with an order of magnitude "cold" at the site. "I think the temperature was about -26 degrees." The temperature is lower than inside the freezer. It is said that the viewfinder of the camera froze from the moment he looked into it. "It's freezing with the slightest breath of your own, isn't it? Snow piles up on top of it and immediately hides about two-thirds of the viewfinder." Can't you see anything? "I can't see anything," the cameraman casually said. How did you shoot it? The answer to my naive question was very simple. "By intuition. It's very difficult." Since most professional cameras are operated manually, it becomes difficult to focus in bad conditions such as when the viewfinder is cloudy or dark. He said he had no choice but to rely on his intuition. Cameras aren't the only ones affected by the cold. When shooting Kobayashi's jump, he kept his hands warm in his jacket pocket until just before the shoot. This is because after a few seconds of holding out your hand, your fingers will not move as expected. Knowing when to hold the camera was important. ■Fingertips can be removed! ?

Frozen camera viewfinder during coverage

An unexpected incident hit me during the mogul coverage. "I was wearing three layers of gloves because my fingers got cold, but I had to make my fingertips thinner to operate the camera...and then the fingertips came loose." What do you mean? "The fingertips of the gloves made of cotton froze and snapped, and they broke." After that, he had no choice but to touch the camera with his bare hands. The photographer uses the fingertips of his left hand to move the three rings of focus, zoom, and iris (aperture). No matter how cold it gets, I can't cover my fingertips with thick gloves. I can't turn the ring without sticking out my fingertip, but as soon as I stick out my fingertip, I lose my senses. "The cold weather was really stressful. I couldn't focus and my fingertips wouldn't move." There is no redoing in sports photography. "But I was able to capture Kobayashi, the first gold medalist...that was really good." At that time, what kind of scenery did you see from the viewfinder that was almost invisible? As a beginner, I didn't get the chance to capture that "moment" this time. Someday, I want to capture scenes that people will remember with my own hands. To that end, I would like to continue to refine my ability to deal with difficult situations and my sensibility to capture the moment. (Nippon Television News Bureau video coverage department, Mayuko Kawano)