"Adult gem gift campaign" that hits...


"Adult gem gift campaign" that hits Goodyear, road bikes, etc.


Nippon Goodyear launched the "Adult Gem Present Campaign" on March 1 to commemorate the launch of a new product in the spring of 2022.The period is until May 31st.A campaign to commemorate the release of "EAGLE F1 SuperSport" on March 1st and "EAGLE F1 SuperSport" on February 1st.You can answer a simple quiz on the special site and apply for a gift, a total of 168 gorgeous prizes, and 200 people from among the applicants who have not won, will win a catalog gift as a double chance award.。Applications for gifts are closed at the end of March, the end of April, and the end of May, and can apply up to three times per person.It is not necessary to purchase tires to apply for gifts.■ Prize / Road Bike (1 person): Goodyear's road bike flagship tire "EAGLE F1 SUPERSPORT" Mounting / Watch (2 people): Casio G-SHOCK MTG-B2000B-1 A2JF Wing Foot Logo engraved Special model / vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner3 people): Dyson's latest model Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean (4 people): Yogi Bo Pod Instant Camera (8 people): Cheki Instaxmini Evo / Sneakers (50): Adidas Stars Miss Miss Good Year Original Driving Jacket (100 people (100 people)) ・ Double chance award (200 people): Catalog gift GIFT PAD 500 yen equivalent

Car Watch, editorial department: Takashi Kobayashi