How to use Windows or Mac on Chrome...


How to use Windows or Mac on Chromebook

Now you can play with the company's Win and Mac on Chromebook!

The setting is very easy.If you learn this, you will have a great range of activities, such as operating your study Mac with a chromebook in the living room or accessing the company's Windows PC from the home Chromebook.

Let's take a look at the procedure while watching the Chromebook full of love videos.

Use Crossover

Windows and Mac software is not yet compatible with Chrome OS.Google is preparing, but if you want to play right now, we recommend using a paid CROOSSOVER (Japanese commentary).However, only Windows software can be operated on Chromebook.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Windows and Mac software cannot be downloaded to Chromebook, but if you prepare Windows and Mac PCs separately and connect them to the Internet, remote control from Chromebook is possible with Google extensions CHROME Remote Desktop (free).You can work as if sitting in front of a PC by displaying the remote PC screen on the Chrome browser tab.

To use, the next preparation is required on the PC side of the connection destination in advance.

After connecting PCs (you can connect with Chrome by Windows, MacOS, Chromebook), you can also select a reliable link (if you select, you will not need the second or subsequent PIN input).If you want to change the settings, click "Confirm / Edit" for the corresponding PC from the list of Chrome Remote Desktops.

After setting, open the Chrome Remote Desktop page on the Chromebook actual machine.The information on all synchronous devices is stored in the Google account, and you can see which PC can be accessed.When you press "Access to a PC", a list of PCs of set Windows and MacOS will be displayed. Select the relevant PC and enter the PIN code to connect.

Then the session options are displayed on the tab, you can display the Windows and Macs to the full screen, or select the display size in the browser tab.You can transfer files between devices and switch between Windows and MacOS (if you have multiple) on this tab (clicking the right arrow).

There are also points to note

Of course, the PC at the connection destination is useless if the power is turned on and the connection is not.In order to ensure a stable internet connection status, the other streaming apps should be terminated on both sides of the connection destination and the connection source.

As long as you step on the above procedures, you can almost do anything with Photoshop, accessing file systems, using Office, or doing Windows or MacOS while you are on Chromebook.While watching Netflix and Spotify, the operation may not be so smooth, but the task of the PC is generally in time, and you can simulate the input such as PRTSCR into the same thing as the connected PC.

During the remote access, you will be notified to the connected PC, so there is no need to worry about accessing where you do not know.If you want to block remote access from Chromebook, just click "Union" in the optional tab or simply close the browser window.