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Bang & Olufsen and PlayStation Wireless Headset included -AV Watch

Beoplay Portal PC PS

Bang & Olufsenは、PCとPlayStation用のドングルを付属したワイヤレスヘッドフォン「Beoplay Portal PC PS」を発売した。価格は59,900円。カラーはBlack AnthraciteとGrey Mistの2色で、4月11日にNavyを追加色として発売する。

In addition to Bluetooth connection, connect to PC or PlayStation by using the bundled dongle 2.Wireless headphones that can be connected at 4GHz.

左からBlack Anthracite、Grey Mist、Navy

Bang & Olufsen、PlayStation用ドングル同梱のワイヤレスヘッドセット - AV Watch

A 40mm driver using a neodymium magnet is used, and the fine sound is reproduced at a high level.Equipped with new -generation adaptive active noise cancellation technology, it is said that it can be enjoyed while immersing in content in a noise environment.

また、Bang & Olufsenアプリケーションで、ノイズキャンセリングだけでなく通話レベルの調整(オウンボイス)や、ゲーミング/映画/音楽に適したサウンドモード設定も搭載している。

With a beam forming technology that utilizes four built -in microphones, a simple design does not require a physical boom arm.

The ear cups on both sides can mute the microphone, play/stop music, and respond to the arrival.In addition, the left and right touch bars can adjust the volume and switch between ANC and permeability mode.

The battery -driven time can be used for up to 42 hours when using Bluetooth and active noise canceling, and up to 19 hours for a dedicated dongle.