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Engadget Logo Engadget Japanese version When folded, the width is only 126mm. Long scale authentic travel guitar "AD-121"

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Fold the long scale authentic guitar!

AD-121, a new product from ALP that brought out innovative guitars to the world, is now on pre-sale from GREEN!

Portability that allows you to practice anywhere, and a specification that focuses on sound quality. Even if you're a guitar enthusiast, you probably haven't picked up this model yet.

This AD-121 will give you a cool performance that is a little different from a normal guitar!

More power than the best-selling ALP guitar in Japan, the AD-80!

By winding the coil up to 10,000 turns, it achieves sound collection performance exceeding that of the AD-80, and outputs even the slightest echoes. In addition, by changing the bridge from a fixed one to a single locking one, you can bend it as you wish. The materials have also been carefully selected to reproduce a more reliable sound.

The precision and power of the 10,000-turn coil and the deep resonance of the high-quality materials combine to deliver a playing feel that surpasses that of the previous model.

I want you to pick up and enjoy the solid sound power that can't fit in a sub guitar!

Experience it first in GREEN!

The AD-121 is the ultimate ALP with both portability and sound power.

A 283mm wide Strat electric guitar has been reduced to an unexpected 126mm wide! Headless and more portable! It can also be carried on an airplane, so you don't have to worry about damage or damage when checking in.

*When unfolding the frame on the pick-up side of the body, be sure to push in the button and fully extend it to the end.

Equipped with a bridge integrated with the peg, which has acquired a modularization patent. The angle of the strings is easier to align than with normal tuning, and the tension on all six strings is even, making it easier to tune the sound. The slightly tricky appearance reproduces the taste of the sound with uniform grains.

Using the handle stored in the main unit makes tuning smoother. Since it is held in the main unit by magnetic adsorption, there is no need to worry about losing it even during intense performances.

The bridge installed this time is a movable single locking bridge. By attaching the included hexagon wrench to the AD-121 and pushing the wrench in while playing, you can easily achieve choke.

It's been a dream of mine so far.

It has a built-in headphone amplifier, and if you connect an earphone to the 3.5mm jack, you can experience a realistic sound. You can practice without worrying about the surroundings.

The compact and highly portable AD-121 lets you improve your technique anywhere!

There is a space for picks in the head, so you don't have to worry about forgetting your picks at the performance location. Like the tuning handle, the pick case has a built-in magnet, so it sticks to the guitar body.

There are three main types of electric guitar scales (the length of the neck that you hold down to change chords). The commonly used long (regular) scale is characterized by its length of 647.7mm. Many people choose the long scale because it has a large number of frets and a wide range of chord progressions that can be handled.

There is a "mini electric guitar" as a portable guitar that is easy for women to handle, but it is surprisingly large in size, has a small number of frets, and has tight fingering due to the tight space between frets. There was something unsatisfactory when playing.

This product AD-121 is a 24 fret long scale strat model. It has 24 frets that can play a higher sound than the 21st and 22nd frets, and although it is a portable type, it is full-fledged.

The AD-121 is smaller than the headless mini guitar, but it is 25.5 inches and weighs 2.7 kg. Even if you attach a strap to the pin on the frame and carry it from your shoulder, it is less stressful than a typical electric guitar, and you can enjoy playing comfortably with the same fingering as a full-fledged electric guitar.

We cover a wide range of tunes you want to play, from eccentric heavy metal.

With a 5-way pickup selector,

・Front・Front/Center Halftone・Center・Rear/Center Halftone・Rear

You can select 5 positions and finely adjust the tone of the sound you want to reproduce.

By connecting it to an effector, you can achieve the performance you want, such as applying distortion to add power or enchanting clear tones.

The charging time is about 1 hour and 5 minutes for a full charge (at 5V2A). It operates 24 hours a day when fully charged, and is tough enough to play all day long. You can hone your technique as much as you want.

By making the back side of the headless part flat instead of curved, you can press the strings down to the 1st fret. Because it is a product that is particular about each sound, we have put our ingenuity into even the smallest details.

Rare natural ebony (ebony) is used for the fingerboard, and the sound rises better than a general electric guitar that uses a maple fingerboard, and it has more sharpness than the rosewood of the previous model. It will sound.

The position mark is decorated with seashells to create a sense of luxury. The matte PU coating is highly resistant to scratches and wear, and has a chic finish that retains the texture of the wood.

The neck has no edges and is a modern C shape that fits comfortably in your hand. Among the Canadian maple, which has a special acoustic quality, we have carefully selected the finest ones, and combined with the characteristics of the ebony fingerboard, we have achieved a positive sound with a strong attack.

Since it is made of a material that has a reputation for hardness, it is resistant to distortion and designed to be used for a long time.

The 350R arc fingerboard is flat and does not put a strain on the hand holding the strings, and it is characterized by less clogging when bending. It's easy to reproduce technical playing techniques, so you can try playing in a different way than usual.

Since the arc of the fingerboard changes depending on the weather and temperature, the finger pressing the chord may not be stable.

With the AD-121, you can remove the pick case from the headless section and adjust the degree of arc with the included hex wrench, so you can play regardless of the environment.

Made of aluminum alloy, a metal material that is about 3/1 lighter than iron. We have achieved a lightness and robustness of 2.7 kg that will not make you tired even when you play for a long time, and a mechanic with a special feeling. The design finished in matte black enhances the individuality of the player.

The AD-121 is produced by CNC processing, as electric guitars can produce discord in the sound even with the slightest distortion. We limited production to four units per day and maintained reliable quality that accurately reproduced sound. Even complicated shapes can be uniformly processed by computer control, so we can deliver neat products with little individual difference.

Although there are differences between brands, a typical electric guitar consists of about 100 parts.

In order to improve the sound quality, the AD-121 consists of 260 parts, more than double that number, each based on a precise design.

I would like you to enjoy the quality of the sound produced by the difference in density of details.

Engadget Logo Japanese version when folded Only 126mm in width.Long-scale authentic travel guitar

The case is 867 x 235 x 126mm, and can accommodate the AD-121. Since it is a daily waterproof specification, it will cover the product firmly even in light rain. With a removable cushion, the impact from the outside is also alleviated.

Since the shoulder part uses an air mesh cushion, it won't get stuffy even if you put it on your shoulder for a long time, and you can carry the AD-121 comfortably.

It is suitable for rock and J-pop performances, and because it is a lightweight model, performances tend to be intense.

The included locking pin for the strap prevents the pin from falling out. The sound is extreme, but the product is safe.

Replacing strings is a concern with headless products.

Many headless guitars use special strings, but the AD-121 works with regular guitar strings!


・Replacement guitar strings (commercial ones are OK!)・Nippers for cutting strings


, you can exchange in just 3 steps. Feeling like an engineer with a different string exchange than a general guitar ♪

First, use the built-in tuning handle to loosen the string by turning the peg clockwise.

Remove the loose string from the bridge by pulling it out of the head. At this time, please remove the pick case in advance.

Insert the strings (commercially available ones are OK!) from the headless part, and cut them so that they protrude up to 3 cm from the bridge.

Slightly bend the ends of the strings so that they can be easily inserted into the bridge.

Then plug it into the bridge and wind the string by turning the peg counter-clockwise.

Replacing strings is completed in 3 steps.

There are some parts that cannot be conveyed in words, so please refer to the video below to replace the strings.

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■Scheduled to ship in Japan in January 2022

How to apply

Please write "Compact guitar "AD-121" ambassador request" in the subject of the email and contact us at the address below. Please give a brief self-introduction in the text. Email address: reception@sinsankai.co.jp

■ Contents that the winners will cooperate with

The winner will be announced when the product sample is shipped. Winners will be asked to publish product reviews on active social media within 2 weeks after the arrival of the product sample.

We would be very happy if you could contact us. We look forward to receiving many applications. Thank you very much.

Q: Will it fit in the luggage compartment on the plane? A: I think it depends on the aircraft you board, but it will fit.

Q: How does the neck grip feel? A: You can feel the solid texture of the wood, and it has a specification that allows you to enjoy a firm grip.

Q: Does it come with a cord to connect to the amplifier? A: We are currently considering it.

Q: If I lose the tuning handle, is it possible to purchase this separately? A: All accessories can be sold separately.

Q: Do you have lefties? A: Unfortunately, there is no left-handed version available.

Q: Is it possible to connect to a PC? A: You can't connect directly, but you can use an audio interface (sold separately) to import the performance to your PC.

Q: About warranty and returns/exchanges. A: We, Xinsankai Co., Ltd., the originator of the project, will repair or replace the product for one year from the date of delivery after bearing the shipping fee (excluding failures caused intentionally or by negligence on the part of the customer). increase). *Since strings and frets are consumables, they are not covered by the warranty.

[Please be aware of parallel imports (not covered by warranty)] This product is being sold as a regular import by our company. However, it is difficult to prevent sales by parallel imports or personal imports, and we cannot guarantee the quality. Thank you for your understanding.


ALP is a cutting-edge guitar brand focused on travel guitars.

The best thing about this brand of guitars is that they are foldable and easy to carry without sacrificing the playability of the guitar.

Advanced LivePerformance is the full name of ALP and describes the brand's design philosophy very well.

Since the release of the ALP series of headless folding portable electric guitars, they have won the support and love of many musicians for their extremely portable shape and high playability.


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