Facetune: An app that allows you to...


Facetune: An app that allows you to make full-fledged facial photo corrections. It may not be a dream to have a face like a celebrity! ?

Introducing "Facetune", which can perfectly correct face photos.

I want to improve my photos uploaded to Facebook and Twitter! This app will help you in such a case.

Wrinkles and blemishes, as well as moles and large scratches can be naturally erased. You can even whiten your teeth and change the shape of your face!

It's not a dream to get a beautiful face like a celebrity!

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Get a perfect face!

image loading

After starting the app, load the image. Three demo photos are provided, so let's see the effect there.

Eliminate wrinkles, blemishes and freckles


Select [Smooth] from the bottom menu.

Facetune: 本格的な顔写真の修正ができるアプリ。芸能人並みの顔も夢じゃないかも!?

When [Smooth] is selected, if you trace the woman's face with your finger, the skin will become more and more beautiful! This is amazing!


It is easy to correct small parts such as around the eyes.


Tap the icon at the top right of the screen to finish the operation.

make eyes clear

If you use [Details], the part traced with your finger will be darker and clearer. If you use it on your eyes, it will improve your eyesight!

whiten teeth

[Whiten] allows you to whiten your teeth. But it's important to brush your teeth because the actual teeth are just as they are.

Lose weight without going on a diet!

[Reshape] allows you to change the shape of your face naturally. It is quite difficult to operate, so be careful not to overuse it.

Remove moles and blemishes


If you copy the beautiful part of your face over the mole or scratch, you can completely erase the part you care about.

I tried to remove the mole on my cheek. It looks like nothing happened to begin with!

change skin color

With [Tones], you can change the color of skin and hair to your liking. It's similar to the foundation that women use, but it's scary that you can do this with an app...

Red-eye correction and blur function are also available.

You can use [RedEye] for red-eye correction and [Defocus] for blurring. You can make people stand out by blurring around them.

Finishing touches!

You can change the filter, how the light hits, and the frame from [Filters]. This is the perfect way to create an arranged photo!


If you upload the image corrected with this app to Facebook, it's good! It looks like it will come with a lot!

There is a word "natural beauty", but everyone has one or two complexes on their face. You can easily fix such a part with this app.

I want to finish it with this! Why don't you use it with a picture you think? But please be careful not to say "It's different from the real thing...!"

・開発: Zeev Farbman・掲載時の価格: ¥170・カテゴリ: 写真/ビデオ・容量: 29.0 MB・バージョン: 1.0.1