Marcos Junior auctions Yokohama FM'...


Marcos Junior auctions Yokohama FM's special jersey to pay for surgery for a boy with an intractable disease

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Marcos Junior Yokohama FM's special jersey put up for auction to pay for surgery

Yokohama F・Marinos Brazilian midfielder Marcos Junior is working for one boy. [Photo] Yokohama FM's special uniform that Marcos Junior exhibited at auction Marcos Junior joined Yokohama FM in 2019 and contributed greatly to the league championship for the first time in 15 years with 33 appearances and 15 goals. In 2020, he scored 11 goals in 28 games, and this season he has scored 9 goals in 33 league games, and has already announced his contract renewal with Yokohama FM. Marcos Junior, who is now returning to Brazil, updated his Instagram on the 23rd. Along with a photo of himself wearing Yokohama FM's special uniform for the 2021 season, he made a request to his followers. ``Hello! "I'm helping the little warrior 'Izo'." "I met him in 2015 and have since accepted his purpose and tried to help him and his family. Now 8 years old, he fights every day. I continue, as before, I have to take a special milk called pediajar (strawberry and vanilla flavors), this diet is very necessary because the body cannot absorb the nutrients, he removes the tumor I am going to have major surgery for my skin and will have other surgeries to get a better quality of life.” It's a limited edition model that doesn't fit in. This uniform is only used twice a year and is considered a collector's edition.The full amount will be sent to Izo's family." It will be open until 6pm on the 30th.The bidding will be done on my official Instagram page and will be valid for this post in the form of a comment.After the deadline, the winner will be contacted via direct message (DM). "Please lend us your help!!!" "Also, for those who want to directly support, Izo's mother's account number and PIX will be made public. Remember, this effort is not part of the auction." Please.” The uniform that Marcos Junior exhibited this time was worn by Yokohama FM in the match against Avispa Fukuoka. The team symbol is an anchor, extracted from the emblem, with the desire for fans and supporters to experience the "brave and courageous" attitude that the club embodies in their daily lives.

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