Review from the script viewpoint, "...


Review from the script viewpoint, "Okaeri Monet", which draws "adult coolness" (

Speaking of cool adults, Sayaka (Mari Natsuki) is also.I encourage the suffering Hyakushi to say "100 years earlier" and encourage it to be trusted (from the 107th) (C) NHK


Active in many movie media, this site LMAGA.Milkman Saito, a critic who is also a JP movie brain.Mr. Saito, who liked the NHK serial TV novel (morning dora) and checked it every morning, asked him to look back on the previous "Our Monet" from the script.[Photo] Asaoka, Takamura, Natsu, etc. in Tokyo, Takamura and Natsu ... Speaking of the morning dora where each adult is cool, there are many books, but now the work is a so -called youth statue.In the first place, because of the audience rating, it is adventurous to set the peace in itself.Speaking of the morning drama, the role of a child who plays childhood is a hot topic, but there was no scene at all, and it was good to present a theme from the beginning.I was prepared to deal with the development that could feel fresh for viewers, such as the earthquake and typhoons.In the morning drama, which is set in the same Tohoku, and the "earthquake" is one theme, there is "Ama -chan" (2013).In that case, I converged it with "Girl Meets Girl" and "Sister Food" (I cried, "I would like to put it there!"I'm hitting it.It is unusual that there is no easy -to -understand "unpleasant character".For example, it is no wonder that a colleague Riko (Misakura Imada) is usually crushed as a rival character in Tokyo.I don't think that's the case, and I have a friend and a joint fight.As expected, when Uchida (Hiroya Shimizu) was selected as another caster, I thought that it would be more cracked with Riko.It doesn't happen, and it seems like this drama is helping each other.The scene where the desk group Takamura (Saki Takaoka) (Saki Takaoka) is a scene where Riko says, "Don't say" like me ". It's not that kind of era."84 times, it was outstanding, but it is also attractive that each adult plays a cool role.In the same episode, Riko's words, "I think it's a drawback" is the coolness of adults that Natsu (Maiko) changed blood and angry.Therefore, it is said that it is linked to the wounds of the residents of Udagawa, who will probably not appear until the end, and that some people cannot heal or recover.In addition, it leads to the wounds of the victims, and the father of Ryo (Ren Nagase), Shinji (Tadanobu Asano), reaches the heart of the heart.In that flow, I felt that the scriptwriter Naoko Adachi was riding on the glue.■ Now that the script is knocked, how to settle down, every time, the turbulent drama is also interesting, but in this case, it is a structure that tells you that it is made by looking at the whole picture rather than the development of the pounding.kana.When Hyakushi returns to the island worried about the damage of the disaster, everyone is having a banquet together.That scene triggered me to decide on the idea of Hyakushi, and I returned to my hometown.From such a hundred sounds, how will the story that can only look behind can be involved in the story that is moving forward?From the tone of the drama, I believe that Shinji will surely be revived, but it seems that there is another turbulence and lid.By returning to your hometown, you can make new friends again, and how do you develop them from there?In the first place, "how I can use it for people" is a big theme, so I guess I will aggregate there.For the time being, Hyakushi is a local salesperson, so I guess Asaoka (Hidetoshi Nishijima) will come out in the last chapter?(Editorial Department Postscript: It appeared in the 109th broadcast on the 14th!).It's been about two weeks until the last episode, but now that the script is so nice, I'm looking forward to how to settle, including my relationship with Mr. Suganami!◇ Broadcast of "Okaeri Monet" is until October 30.On October 19, the information program "Asaichi" will feature the role of Hyakushi Kiyohara and Aya Makita, the unknown role.Sentence / configuration / Tsuchida Shiro