"Standing up 500 sheets of copy pap...


"Standing up 500 sheets of copy paper" is too simple, but it looks convenient!

Copy paper, which is used not only to replenish printers, but also to take small notes in meetings, is an indispensable presence in offices and workspaces.


By the way, where do you put the copy paper you bought? I think most people don't have a particular place to put it, such as putting it on a shelf with the package slightly open, or stacking it in the corner of the desk because they want to keep it nearby.

Mr. Tsunoda of twelvetone, who works on the outdoor garage brand YOKA, and Mr. Haruta and Mr. Aoki of the creative unit "TENT" are working on a project "idontknow.tokyo". Until now, we have created a variety of products that combine various designs, ideas, and usability that will make you say "Oops." That is the item "UPRIGHT" (3,960 yen) that makes your messy desk clean.

An iron paper stand that can hold 500 sheets of copy paper upright after opening, and has an elegant and minimal design with a matte powder coating on the iron. Among them, in fact, fine ingenuity is devised to keep the paper neatly upright.

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