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The reason that the earphone was replaced by Zenheiser and the "time to listen to music" increased | Real Sound | Real Sound Tech

Just a year ago, I purchased "Beats Flex" as the first wireless earphone.I liked the seamless connection with the Apple product with the Apple W1 headphone chip, but as I used it, I noticed the disadvantages.Under such circumstances, the left and right independent type completely wireless earphones were released by many manufacturers, so we considered replacement.This time, I purchased Zenheiser "CX True Wireless" from among the various price range.

This time, I would like to report on the reason why I chose the reason and the CX True Wireless of Zenheiser and the comfort of Zenheiser.

When choosing the first wireless earphone, Beats Flex at that time was cheap at 5,400 yen (excluding tax).If you actually use it, Beats Flex is comfortable for the writer who used wired earphones.You can easily connect with Bluetooth, and the magnet type ear chip is comfortable to wear.Although I was raising children, I realized again that it was a special time to be able to listen to music with clear sound quality at any time, although I was raising children.

イヤホンをゼンハイザーに買い替えて「音楽を聴く時間」が増えたワケ|Real Sound|リアルサウンド テック

However, as I used it, I came to think that the cable on my neck was troublesome.Especially recently, it is a daily routine to watch video content while doing aerobic exercise, and I have become worried about sweating on the cable and hitting my neck.Although it is a small stress, when exercising in earnest or using it every day, the stress can no longer be passed.

So I bought the Senheiser CX True Wireless, which was a sale price.

Beats Flex does not have to worry about losing if the body is put on the neck, but it is difficult to store it compactly because of the cable.Completely wireless earphones are safe to put in a bag if you put them in the case.The case is also solid, so it is carried in a bag or coat pocket.

Beats Flex has a lighter sound, while CX True Wireless has a bass due to the base boost function.The midrange is solid and natural, and the clear treble is comfortable there.I like the powerful but delicate sound, and if you use an app called "Sennheiser Smart Smart Control App", you can turn off the preset base boost or adjust the sound quality to your liking with equalizers.can.

Although it does not have noise canceling function, the surrounding sound is firmly cut off with passive noise isolation.When I used it for the first time in the crowd, I was surprised at the tranquility.