Fes, can you do it anytime, anywher...


Fes, can you do it anytime, anywhere?

The future festival is not just summer.

The summer festival season is over, and I'm just lonely for the festival -loving music enthusiasts.Next year again.

No, it's not.Recently, the number of festivals that can be enjoyed by train from Tokyo is increasing, as it is called an urban festival.For example, Toyosu -Utone CARNIVAL will be held on October 31 and November 1 in Toyosu, Tokyo.

Toyosu -Utone CARNIVAL day is already in work.But somehow you can't enjoy music ...The perfect hint for you is introduced in the monthly content "Adult Sony" developed on the Sony site.

"Adult Sony" proposes this time at Park Festival."Take the high -resolution headphones outside, put colorful tarps and tents in the park and campsites, and listen to the live sound source of high -resolution and enjoy the festival feeling.


Indeed, there is no problem with the noise problem in the park, and you can experience the sound of high -resolution, where you can feel the position of playing the instrument, the artist's breathing, and two birds with one stone!It looks fun!

Oh, but the headphones I have are black.It's rugged and not fashionable.Because it's a precious park festival, you want to enjoy it colorfully, right?

What is recommended for you is "H" which was newly released in October..EAR series. This is a high -resolution -compatible headphone with 5 intermediate colors, and the point is that it has a soft impression that is not found in the primary color. The design is simple, so it is easy to fit into the usual coordination. It is a matte finish.And the subtle colors are good.

Also H.The NW-A20 series, a six-colored Walkman, has been released in total, 5 colors + royal road colored silver according to the color development of EAR.This is equipped with a "high -resolution compatible digital noise canceling function".If you bring the included inner ear headphones to the park festival, you will definitely be able to enjoy the music as if you were experiencing a real festival.

Autumn is a season when fashion is fun.I felt like that when I was reading "Adult Sony", I wanted to choose headphones and go out, just like choosing coordination every day."H" in Ginza Sony Bill Sony Showroom, Sony Store Nagoya and Sony Store Osaka.Why don't you experience "Ear" and "NW-A20"? I want to have a park festival this fall!

Source: Adult Sony

(Hoshideto Motaka)