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Suddenly, do you have the experience that the built -in storage of the iPhone is full of photos? The camera is always high, and the number of cards can be taken continuously.It can be reduced by backing up the cloud, such as iCloud photos, and deleting it, but uploading a large amount of photos with Wi-Fi takes time.

In such a case, let's back up a photo to a memory card such as SD/Micro SD.Because it is transferred via Lightning, it is much faster than Wi-Fi and has a sense of security that can be left as a physical form.A memory card reader/writer with a Lightning connection, such as "Lightning -SD Card Camera Leader" (Apple Store price 2,800 yen/tax), and an SD/Micro SD card that saves photo data is required, but for a long period of time.It is cheaper than a cloud service that costs a few hundred yen per month.

The backup procedure is easy, first connect the Lightning memory card reader/writer to the iPhone and insert the SD/Micro SD card.iOS supports "FAT (FAT32)" and "EXFAT" as a card format format, but "APFS" and "HFS PLUS" (not encrypted), but at the time of the factory.It is OK (most of which are FAT or EXFAT).

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Next, start the photo app and select the photo you want to back up on the photo tab or album tab.From that state, tap the shared button at the bottom left of the screen and tap "Save to" in the menu that appears.

Then, the cloud service and memory card currently recognized by iOS will be displayed, so select the memory card inserted.Tap "∨" at the right end to select a folder on the memory card.Tap the "Save" button on the upper right to make a copy of the photo.

Easy explanation of the operation procedure