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"Idol Lottery Party Live" "Midsummer Shinkyoku" announced

Every week, 5 groups of idols compete for the right to perform next time on the survival live program "Idol Lottery" (TV Asahi and others). The program, which is attracting a great deal of attention for its development using not only terrestrial broadcasting, but also BS, CS, TV Asahi Video, and EX Theater Roppongi, will be broadcast on Saturday, July 30th. The second installment of the public lottery party live "Manatsu Shinkyoku Kouhaku Uta Gassen" will be held at Roppongi Hills Arena in Tokyo. Continuing from last year, the popular idols will be divided into the 1st and 2nd parts, and will be divided into red and white and will have a singing battle. Up Up Girls (Kari), Yuka Ueno, Kamisyuku, GEM, Tsuri Bit, drop, Raw Ham and Yaki Udon, PASSPO☆, Manami Norisa, Mousou Calibration, La PomPon, and LinQ all 12 groups will appear. (in Japanese syllabary order), the idols sing their own “original final songs”. It was announced that PASSPO☆'s "little sister" Puchi PASSPO☆ will perform as the opening act, but on and Go! will also appear. After the song was performed, the audience judged the winner with a red and white fan. Ultimately, who will win the red team or the white team will decide the victory or defeat. Which team will win the hot battle in the summer of 2016? The songs sung by these idols will be revealed at the live performance on the day, but we will introduce the songs sung by two groups in advance. LinQ, an idol group from Kyushu, performed mihimaruGT's "Feel Good ↑↑" and Arashi's "Happiness". And drop, which belongs to Hikari Takiguchi, who is called "one beautiful girl in 2000", will perform Whiteberry's "Natsumatsuri". By the way, an interview with these two groups talking about their enthusiasm for the live is available on Smart The Television, so let's check it out. Other songs are as follows. [Songs] (Singing idol undecided) "White Parasol" (Seiko Matsuda), "Natsuiro no Nancy" (Yu Hayami), "Natsumatsuri" (Whiteberry), "Everyday, Katyusha" (AKB48), "Midsummer Rays" (Morning Musume.), ``The hottest summer in the world'' (Princess Princess), ``Katte ni Sinbad'' (Southern All Stars), ``Yeah! Hirosue Ryoko), ``Fireworks'' (aiko), ``Happiness'' (Arashi), ``One Night Carnival'' (Kishidan), ``Do not stop'' (Linda Yamamoto), ``HOT ​​LIMIT'' (T.M.Revolution), ``Sunny Day Sunday” (Sentimental Bus), “Over Drive” (JUDY AND MARY). All of them are famous songs that represent summer. Please pay attention to how the songs that everyone knows will be reborn by the idols' performances. Such a midsummer live will be aired on terrestrial TV Asahi, BS Asahi, and CS TV Asahi Channel 1 from Friday, August 12th. Terrestrial broadcasting and BS will select some of them, and CS TV Asahi Channel 1 will broadcast the complete version of the performance. Also, at the "TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION" which is being held until August 28th (Sun), the "Idol Lottery 360 ° PIT presented by Yamaha Motor" booth is currently on the 1st floor atrium of TV Asahi. is set up. Fans should visit the Yamaha motorcycle exhibition and have a heart-pounding virtual experience with PASSPO☆ and other idols dressed as mechanics. From July 30th (Saturday), the Up Up Girls (provisional) version and the GEM version will also appear.

"Idol Lottery Party Live Midsummer Shinkyoku Kouhaku Uta Gassen" July 30th (Sat) at Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo will be broadcast sequentially from terrestrial TV) "Idol Lottery" every Friday night 2:50-3:20 TV Asahi every Saturday night 2:30-3:00 BS Asahi "Idol Lottery LIVE" every Friday night 11:00-0 :00 CS TV Asahi Channel 1 *Broadcasting the full LIVE performance

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