There is a problem with the iPhone...


There is a problem with the iPhone Why the light turns on by itself & a useful trick [iPhone] How to turn off the light [Basic operation and trick] What is the cause of turning on by itself?

I don't use it every day, but the iPhone has a nice feature to have.

That is the LED light function introduced in this article.

You can use your iPhone like a flashlight

The LED light function of the iPhone is a flashlight.

Let's explain when to actually use it, and the advantages and disadvantages!

Convenient for illuminating the road at night and searching

When do you need a light in your daily life?

For example, if you come home late and walk home at night without streetlights, you will need a light.

If you're a car driver, you'll need lights to park your car at night and search the dashboard, backseat, etc.

Also, if you're driving on a deserted road and your car runs into trouble, you'll need a light to pop the hood or check for a puncture on your car.

There are many other scenes where lights would be useful.

Sometimes the lights turn on without permission!

Although you won't need it all the time, the iPhone's LED light is a very useful tool that many users can't live without because it can be used immediately when you need it.

However, some users seem to have trouble with the light turning on when they don't need it.

Even if you know that your iPhone has an LED light, you can't turn it off if you don't know where the light switch is.

[iPhone] There are two ways to turn off the light!

The LED light on the iPhone comes from the lens next to the rear camera.

Therefore, if the light turns on without permission, it may be a nuisance to other people.

For example, if you are traveling by bus, train, or subway to work or school, and the light suddenly turns on, the light may hit the face of the person in front of you and cause annoyance. .

There are two ways to turn off the lights on your iPhone.

?《Basics》Turn on/off from the iPhone menu

To turn off the light on your iPhone, you need to open the control center on your iPhone.

Control Center is a useful iPhone feature that allows you to quickly access the main settings and apps of your iOS device without opening the Settings app.

The LED lights on the iPhone are not available in the app or displayed in the Settings app.

The only way to access the LED lights on your iPhone is to open Control Center.

?[Quick and convenient] Switch to camera mode

There is a switch for the LED light in the control center of the iPhone, so you need to launch the control center to turn the light on and off. Yes, but there is another way to just turn off the lights.

Although many iPhone users don't know yet, if you launch the "Camera" app while the light is on, the light will turn off.

It's convenient because you don't have to call the control center, but be aware that you can't turn on the lights the same way.

You can also turn it on and off from the lock screen on iPhone X

There is another way to turn off the LED light on your iPhone.

However, this method is limited to iPhone X users, so users who have other models cannot do it.

When you open the iPhone X lock screen, you can see the "light" icon displayed in the control center at the bottom left of the screen, so you can turn the light on and off by pressing it.

It is very convenient because you can turn the light on and off without launching the control center.

[iPhone] How to turn off the light and how to turn it off [Setting from the iPhone menu]

So far, I have explained why the LED light on the iPhone is a useful tool, even though it is not used every day. bottom.

From here, I will explain how to turn off the light that has been turned on without permission.

Procedure?Display the Control Center

Since the LED light switch is located in the Control Center, I will first explain how to call the Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen.

iPhone's troubled light is selfish Reasons & Useful Tricks [iPhone] How to Turn Off the Light [Basic Operations and Tricks] What Causes the Light to Turn Off? How to turn off the light 《Basic operation and tricks》Why does it turn on by itself?

Instructions? Tap the flashlight icon

The Control Center will be invoked. Various settings of iPhone are displayed as icons in the control center. Among them, the "light" icon displayed with the illustration of "flashlight" is lit white, so tap it.

The "light" icon turns off. This will also turn off the LED light.

How do I turn on the lights?

Now that you know how to turn off the LED light, let's turn it back on. Go back to Control Center and tap the Lights icon you selected earlier.

The 'light' icon lights up white. The LED lights will also light up.

If the light does not turn on, try restarting the device

To turn on the LED light, simply press the "light" icon.

Occasionally, however, the light doesn't turn on when I press the "light" icon.

The possible cause is that the iPhone is experiencing a temporary glitch or error.

The workaround is to restart your iPhone.

Rebooting will fix any bugs or errors that may have occurred.

More device memory is freed up, which improves device performance.

How to change light brightness?

LED lights are installed not only on iPhones but also on Android smartphones.

However, the LED light of the iPhone has a function that the LED light of the Android smartphone does not have.

That's the function that adjusts the brightness of the light.

If the light is too bright, you can adjust it to weak, and if it is too weak, you can adjust it to strong, so you can respond flexibly.

I will explain how to set it.

Let's go back to the Control Center. Press and hold your finger on the "light" icon.

The LED light adjustment screen will appear. There are 4 levels of adjustment. Adjust the brightness to your liking.

[iPhone] How to turn off the light/procedure

Although it was already introduced in this article, how to turn off the LED light that turned on without permission is to call the control center. In addition to tapping the "light" icon, there is also a way to start the "camera" app.

If the home screen is already up, tap the "Camera" app to open it, and the LED light that was lit will turn off.

However, there is a trick to launch the "Camera" app without unlocking and launching the home screen.

This method is very convenient because it allows you to quickly turn off the LED light.

Slide from right to left while touching the screen

Explains how to operate.

Press the power button on the iPhone that is in sleep mode to bring up the lock screen. When the lock screen appears, lightly press the screen with your finger and swipe left.

The "Camera" app will start.

The light turns off just by switching to camera mode

When the "Camera" app starts and the shooting screen appears, the LED light turns off. When you take a picture with the "Camera" app, the flash will automatically fire to take a clear picture even in dim light.

The flash uses an LED light.

If you start the "Camera" app while the LED light is on, the LED light will be reset to prepare the flash for taking pictures.

Therefore, the LED light that was lit will be turned off at the same time as the "Camera" application is started.

[iPhone] Why does the light turn on by itself?

If the LED light on your iPhone keeps turning on, it will consume the battery.

The LED light is an excellent product that illuminates brightly with low power consumption.

In general, the battery will be consumed about 10% even if you keep the LED light on for 20-30 minutes.

However, if you leave your iPhone in your bag while commuting to work or school, the light will turn on without you picking it up, and if you don't pick it up for a few hours, it's sure to drain your battery.

It is important to find out why the LED light turns on on its own.

There are three possible causes.

Your iPhone is not working properly

The first reason is that your iPhone is not working properly.

The best performance may not be possible due to a temporary malfunction or error.

Alternatively, the device's memory space may be under pressure due to the number of applications running, and the operability of the device may be affected by the inability to process the necessary data.

If the cause is instability of the device, reboot and see how it goes.

Malfunction by touching with your finger

The second cause is malfunction of the device.

Many users carry their iPhones in their pockets.

If you don't touch the display, the iPhone won't open from sleep mode, but if you put the iPhone in your pocket while holding it in your hand, your hand will touch the screen, and the sleep mode will be canceled and the "light" icon will appear. You may accidentally press .

Siri malfunction

The third cause is Siri malfunction.

For iPhone models with a home button, holding down the home button activates Siri even before unlocking.

Siri may have been summoned as a result of holding down the home button for some reason and turned on an LED light that you didn't ask for.

To avoid this issue, you need to prevent Siri from being invoked in the lock screen state.

I will explain how to set it.

Let's open the "Settings" app on the home screen.

Tap Touch ID & Passcode.

Enter your passcode.

There is "Allow access when locked", and there is "Siri" in it, so let's set it to "OFF".

If the light on your iPhone turns on by itself, start the camera app!

If the "light" of the iPhone turns on by itself, calling the control center or starting the "camera" app will turn it off, so it's not a big problem.

If your iPhone's "light" turns on by itself, please refer to this article and try to deal with it!