Apple's official YouTube introduces...


Apple's official YouTube introduces 10 convenient ways to use the iPhone

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Tweet from twitter@iPhoneMania_jp Until 18:58 on December 24, 2021 About 3 minutes 24 seconds Learn how to use your iPhone a little more conveniently on Apple's official YouTube channel 10 are introduced. How many are you already using?

10 convenient ways to use iPhone from Apple

Apple's official support YouTube channel as "10 helpful iPhone tips (10 useful iPhone tips)" , introduces useful and convenient ways to use the iPhone.

1. Delete Wrong Numbers in the Calculator App

In the "Calculator" app, you can delete wrong numbers by swiping left or right. iPhone Mania has also published an article summarizing how to use the "calculator" app conveniently, so be sure to check it out.

2. Pin with the Messages app

If you pin a link shared with the "Messages" app from iOS 15 that you want to read later, it will be hit higher in searches. , making it easier to find. All you have to do is press and hold the link you want to pin and tap "Pin".

3. Stacking Widgets on the Home Screen

Widgets on the home screen can be stacked up to 10 in edit mode on the home screen. Widgets are automatically displayed at the moment, and you can switch between them by swiping up and down.

4. Select multiple photos at once

You can select multiple photos at once from a web page and use them in other apps at once. If you tap the image you want to add while dragging the image you want to select, you can select multiple images, hold the image with your finger, switch to the corresponding app, and release your finger to save or share at once. The other day, a video that vividly introduced this method on TikTok became a hot topic.

5. Using a user dictionary

Register frequently used phrases in a user dictionary so that you can easily enter them. You can add words and readings by opening "Settings" app > "General" > "Keyboard" > "User dictionary" and tapping "+". For example, it is convenient to register the e-mail address by reading "Meado".

6. Launch the camera quickly from the lock screen

Simply swipe left on the lock screen of your iPhone to launch the camera. Now you can shoot without missing a shutter chance. In addition, it is necessary to unlock the iPhone to access the photos taken in the past.

7.Using iPhone as a Scanner

You can easily read documents by tapping the camera icon and selecting "Scan Documents" in the iPhone's standard "Memo" app. increase. Even if the document is placed diagonally, it is automatically adjusted, and multiple pages can be scanned by repeating the shooting. Finally, press “Save” and you are done.

8. Utilizing Text Recognition

In iOS15, you can automatically recognize characters from cameras and photos on iPhones equipped with A12 Bionic or later, and use them for copy & paste and translation. became. This "text recognition display" function is not officially supported in Japanese, but it is convenient for reading foreign language translations and phone numbers. iPhone Mania also introduces how to use text recognition display in a Japanese environment, so please take a look. The other day, it became a hot topic that an overseas university student used this function to copy notes taken by other students.

9. Move to the oldest/most recent photo at once

To access the top (oldest photo) even if many photos are saved in the "Photos" app can jump at once by tapping the top edge of the screen. If you want to view recent photos, tap "Library" at the bottom of the screen.

10. Search Anytime

Simply swipe down in the middle of the home screen to easily bring up the search field to access apps, contacts, web search suggestions and more . With iOS15, you can now call the search window even on the lock screen.

Click here for the video

Watch the video published by Apple here. Playback time is approximately 5 minutes. Source: Apple Support/YouTube(hato)


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