Is it the birth of the strongest sp...


Is it the birth of the strongest sports car in the history of Mercedes -Benz?AMG "GT Coupe" The next type, PHEV is amazing!|

■ 4.Equipped with a 0 -liter V 8 -cylinder engine, a maximum of 800ps over 800ps with motor assist

For the first time, the camera captured Mercedes -Benz's high -performance 2 -door sports car, AMG "GT Coupe" next -generation prototype.

The AMG GT Coupe debuted in 2014 as a substantial successor model of "SLS AMG".This is the first full model change and will be replaced by the second generation.

The commercially available prototype caught in the frozen Finland Mountain is still equipped with place holders (dummy components), such as headlights, but the body is considered to be produced, and the yellow exterior color is exposed from the roof and bumper.。

You can also check the typical style of the front engine and the rear wheel drive model, such as long hood and short overhang.

Commercial type shares the new "SL", platform, and many technical components.

メルセデス・ベンツ史上最強スポーツカー誕生か? AMG「GTクーペ」次期型、PHEVの威力がすごい! |

However, the exterior is very different, and the AMG GT features an aggressive design affected by "AMG ONE" hy parker, such as front -end air intake and headlights.On the side, there is a high possibility that a flash door handle will be installed as SL and S class (W223).

At the rear of the prototype, you can see the layout very similar to SL, but there are changes at the bottom of the bumper and diffuser, and you can check the horizontal slim LED tail light, active spoiler, and quad exhaust pipe.increase.

SL has a rounded and soft line, but the AMG GT coupe features a sharp and edged shape.

In the cabin, inherit the latest BMUX infotainment technology and cover most of the center console as in SL 11..Equipped with a 9 -inch touch screen display, 2 + 2 seat layout is expected to enhance practicality.

Powertrain is 4.Equipped with a 0 -liter V 8 -cylinder engine, the maximum output provides 476ps and 584ps by grade, and the power is transmitted to all four wheels with "4MATIC +" all wheels.It has also been rumored that the setting of a high -performance PHEV exceeding 800ps of the 4 -door "GT 63S E -performance".

The new AMG GT world premiere is said to be the fastest in the fall of 2022, but is expected to be after the fall of 2023.