Korean Airlines, "Contribution to S...


Korean Airlines, "Contribution to Soul Tourism Revitalization" Soul City Awards = Korea (WOW! Korea) --Yahoo! News



Korean Airlines, "Contribution to Soul Tourism Revitalization" Winner of Seoul City Awards = Korea (image provided by Wowkorea)

大韓航空、「ソウル観光活性化に寄与」ソウル市表彰受賞=韓国(WoW!Korea) - Yahoo!ニュース

Korean Air has announced that it has won the "2021 Soul Public -Democratic Collaboration Excellent Awards". The aircraft ordered audio video (AVOD) introduced a variety of tourist videos of Seoul to the world, enhancing the image of Seoul sightseeing. Korean Air has been working on recovering and revitalizing domestic tourism markets as overseas tourists visiting Korea have declined since the new Coronavirus. As part of his efforts, South Korean Airlines has actively collaborated with related public institutions to discover new content that can promote Korea to foreigners on in -flight AVOD. In March of last year, the South Korea Sora cooperated with the Seoul Tourism Foundation to Soul Sightseeing, such as "Cinematic Soul", "Soul Story", and Soul Table Challenge, such as "VisitSEOUL TV" on the in -flight AVOD on the International Railway. The Foundation has screened 14 contents created. In the new year of Kotoshi, Korean Airlines plans to screen new and various video content that informs Seoul sightseeing on AVOD, and will help to revitalize Seoul sightseeing.

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