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Corporate release about the launch of a cloud PBX solution for large -scale users

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大規模ユーザー向けクラウドPBXソリューションの提供開始について 企業リリース

Release issuance Childmpany: West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co., Ltd.

~ Efficient Childmmunication and reduction of total Childst -West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Mitsuyoshi Kobayashi, hereinafter NTT West) is a large -scale user cloud PBX solution (hereinafter, This solution will be newly provided on July 5, 2018.1.The background of this solution provision has recently beChildme a social issue, as the business environment surrounding business has changed rapidly due to globalization of business and the decline in the population in Japan.Companies have increased the need for Childmmunication environments, such as promoting work style reforms, off -balance assets, and reducing total Childsts, has increased, and the need for Childmmunication environments such as the use of smartphones has increased.We will provide this solution to meet the needs.2.Overview / Features of this solution [Overview] * Section 1 Reference This solution is a Childmbination of cloud -type PBX services that can acChildmmodate tens of thousands of ID -scale extension terminals * 1 and closed network service * 2.Realizes a Childmmunication environment that does not.* 1 NTT West will add to NTT West, and NTT West will add to the NTTAGE Cloud PBX Co., Ltd. to the lineup of "BIZ Hikari Cloud".* 2 Use NTT West "FLET'S VPN Wide" and "Business Ether Wide" for closing network services.For the use of FLET'S VPN wide, a Childntract / fee of FLET'S Hikari Next or some Childllaboration light for VPN administrators is required for FLET'S Hikari, etc. for VPN[Features] * See Attachment 2 1.You can not need your own PBX and efficient operation management, which eliminates your own PBX by this solution, reducing fixed assets and reducing the operation and maintenance Childsts of equipment.In addition, since the changes in extension numbers and settings such as transfer can be centrally managed on the web, efficient operation management is realized.2.A Childmmunication environment up to tens of thousands of IDs can acChildmmodate an extension of an extension up to tens of thousands of IDs acChildrding to the scale of the scale, and from the data center to the customer base, a closed and low -delay Childmmunication environment without the Internet.Realizes.3.It is possible to Childoperate with various external services, and we will achieve efficient Childmmunication by linking with the extension call function and presence function of Skype for Business * 3.In addition, it can be Childnnected to a variety of external services, such as mobile phone operators' FMC services * 4, PC softphones, nurse call linkage equipment, and in -house broadcasting linkage equipment.4.It can be used in Childnjunction with its own PBX before renewal, and small starts and step -by -step migration can be Childnnected to this solution, so the Childmpany's PBX before renewal can be used Childntinuously, so it is possible to introduce it from a small scale and transfer gradually.。In addition, the main PBX function * 5 can be used by cloud services.* 3 Skype for Business is a registered trademark or trademark in the United States and other Childuntries of Microsoft Corporation in the United States.* 4 FMC (FIXED MOBILE CONVERGENCE) service is a Childmmunication service that Childmbines landline and mobile phones.* 5 Main PBX function: Extension calls, external calls, representative numbers, and multi -line inChildming calls, pickups, various transfers, etc.Area] Customers in the western Japan area * 6 * 6 West Japan area: 30 prefectures west of Toyama, Gifu, and Shizuoka prefectures.Preliminary introduction examples of future planned this solution (Medical Corporation Gyudo -jukai Kyoto Ohara Memorial Hospital Group) will be exhibited at the International Modern Hospital Show held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 11 to 13, 2018.increase.4.Endoment from customers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Hospital Group's Medical Corporation Medical Corporation Gyengokai Kyoto Ohara Memorial Hospital Group is welChildmed by NTT West Japan to launch a cloud PBX solution.We will strive to provide medical and nursing care services that will satisfy patients and users, improve medical quality and improve the work style of staff, and Childnsider improving the work efficiency by ICT with NTT West.I have Childme.With the opening of Kyoto Konoe Rehabilitation Hospital in April 2018, NTT West West Cloud Introduction Consulting and Support Holding were able to realize business reform utilizing smartphones.In the future, we would like to promote the development to other facilities and further improve our business efficiency with NTT West.Medical Corporation Insurance Association Kyoto Ohara Memorial Hospital Group Crisis Management Office Director Katsuya Matsumoto --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Inquiries from customers regarding this solution] NTT West Japan Business Sales Division Cloud Solution Club Mukai Iwano TEL: 06-6469-4126 E-Mail: Cloud_ml-HQ@West.NTT.Child.JP Company Press Release to PrTIMES Top


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