Samsung's "GALAXY A32 5G" is unfort...


Samsung's "GALAXY A32 5G" is unfortunate as a cheap smartphone: Product Review

Speaking of excellent cheap smartphones, manufacturers like Motorola have recently been the mainstream.But now it's different.Samsung, a winner in the luxury model market for Android smartphones, is aiming for Motorola's seat.

Until now, Samsung has sold cheaper smartphones, but recently reorganized the brand and integrated into the "Galaxy A" series, which is simpler (and difficult to invite confusion).The A series has a large number of models, but this strategy is starting to work.Now Samsung is a brand that makes a wallet -friendly smartphone.

Nevertheless, it may be said that Google's "Pixel 4a" (42,900 yen in Japan) is still a good smartphone.However, for those who do not want to pay for that much, Samsung's "Galaxy A32 5G" is the option.

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サムスンの「Galaxy A32 5G」には、格安スマートフォンとして失望する点が見当たらない:製品レヴュー

I would like to clarify before entering the main subject, but in addition to "Galaxy A32 5G", there is a model called "Galaxy A32".The two are completely different models, and this time the latter has not been tested.

Smooth operation

The Galaxy A32 5G selling price in the United States is $ 280 (about 31,000 yen), but it has been reduced to $ 205 (about 22,000 yen) (31,190 yen in Japan in Japan).In any case, it is still difficult to find a part that is disappointing as a smartphone in this price range.

First, let's look at the performance.The Galaxy A32 5G processor is the "MediaTek Dimensity 720" of Taiwanese media tech (Rando -General Technology), which is equipped with a 4GB RAM.That is the decisive difference from many smartphones that move with Qualcom's "Snapdragon" chips.

However, there is no need to worry.The operation is generally smooth, and the movement rarely stops.Although the app does not launch at the speed of lightning sparks, it is no surprise in this price range.However, I have never felt that the reaction was too slow or felt unpleasant.

If you compare it, it's not as jerky as "OnePlus Nord N200 5g" for $ 240 (about 26,000 yen).On the other hand, Motorola's "Moto G style 5g" ($ 400 = about 44,000 yen) or Pixel 4a ($ 350, 42,900 yen in Japan) is not as slippery.

I tried playing for almost an hour in the game "DEAD CELLS", but the performance decreased in the game was only a little.The body does not get too hot.The refresh rate of the screen was 60 frames per second per second, but the game play has become even more comfortable because it has changed to 90 frames per second (90Hz) per second.It was a little smooth as a feeling.

The size you care about

The 6: 5 -inch display is a liquid crystal, not an organic EL used in many Samsung smartphones.The difference is obvious, black is not so deep and there is no indication that you can easily check the time (OLED has a low power consumption, so you can always display notification icons and clocks).