Try a noise -covered photo and a "M...


Try a noise -covered photo and a "M camera" without shutter sound on the iPhone

Basic UI of M camera

iPhoneでノイズまみれの写真とおさらば シャッター音なしの「Mカメラ」を試す

When shooting black hair pets and objects with an iPhone standard camera app, many people have experienced the noise even if the image is enlarged.The reason is that the iPhone is determined that the black part is dark!If the ISO sensitivity is high, the dark part can be photographed brightly, but the finished image creates noise.[Image] Functions that can be used in the paid version are the external camera application distributed on the App Store that solves this.The "M camera" introduced this time is basically free, and the upgrade to the "full functional version", including the use of ultra wide -angle cameras, HEIC / HEIV format, and advertising ads, is 490 yen (including tax).It is recommended to install it for the time being because it is easy to use for free.This time, we will basically introduce the UI etc. with the lower part of the iPhone on the right side.

Thank you for the simple and easy -to -understand UI, shutter noise

The basic UI (user interface) is simple, with a switch between ultra -wide -angle / wide -angle / telephone cameras, photo resolution, aspect ratio, out / in -camera switching, etc. to the left of the screen.By flicking up and down, you can add timer, GPS information, flash, file format, time stamp, grid display, and lock screen rotation.Tap inside the screen to focus, and from there, swipe up and down allows you to switch the exposure compensation, and if you tap the "1X" mark at the center of the lower screen, you can use the optical zoom function.If you tap it widely with your finger belly, etc., you can fine -tune the zoom magnification in the dial type.In addition, tap the arrow mark under the shutter button to switch the UI display.The orange -colored mark on the right side of the screen is the switching of the camera / Live Photo / video.In any case, it is quite easy to use because the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed introduced in the next section can be changed.In addition, there is no shutter sound, so it is convenient to shoot animals that are sensitive to scenes and sounds that are concerned about the sound.The full function version can use HEIC / HEVC format, 12 million pixels resolution, burning character settings, and ultra -wide -angle / telephoto cameras.This is a great advantage of the paid version, as the free version resolution is limited to up to 8 million pixels.