Victor, a shocking 8K compatible la...


Victor, a shocking 8K compatible laser projector.As early as this year's No.1!?

The significance of the screen is "meaning" and "world view" in the video.

―― Before the 8K compatible projector, the TV is a big screen, so the “reason for choosing a projector” has become more important.


Asakura: What is being asked now is, "What is the significance of the screen?"If you spend money, you can buy an LG 325 -inch display, and apart from that, Sony's 85 -inch, 98 inches, and 8K direct -looking displays are sold.The screens and movie theaters are also aiming for a direct view type.


Then what is the significance of the screen?In a bright environment at home, there are times when you can enjoy movies on direct -looking displays.But I think the essence of direct -looking type is information.The light pushed out from the other side comes here.It is a display that presents high -resolution, high -definition information packed in pixels.

On the other hand, the screen is not just information, but a feeling of emotion, or a "fantasy".It is a screen that reflects the light irradiated from the light source, and the direct is to push out the information directly and come to the altitude from the other side.On the other hand, the light is reflected -the screen is that you can see it with one cushion.In this reflection, "meaning", "concept", and "world view" are granted -rather, it is already included in the video signal, but it makes it feel stronger.It's a screen.In that sense, the difference between direct light and reflected light is beyond the size of the size, and there is no way.

Even from the price, the 98 -inch 8K TV costs about 10 million yen.On the other hand, the screen itself is hundreds of thousands of yen, even if it is a very good thing, and this projector is 2.75 million yen for the highest one and 1.25 million yen for the cheapest one.In that sense, the cost performance is very good, you can easily enjoy the atmosphere of the movie theater, and you can essentially feel the emotionality of the video, the "impressive" and the world view.I think that it is the goodness of the projector that not only to look at the eyes, but also that all of the body feel light.