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Vol.04 How far?"Drone demonstration experiment report] of" Safe and secure domestic drone "| DRONE


In response to the needs of the government and public sector regarding drone security measures, NEDO is promoting the outsourcing project and subsidy project for "Safe and secure drone base development".This time, we will report on the development of development of a safe and secure domestic drone, which was held by NEDO on April 13, and reported on the progress of development.

Overview of this business

The period of this project is from 2020 to 2021.16.With a budget of 100 million yen, we are conducting two research and development.One is standard aircraft design and development of drones for government procurement and standard standard design and development of flight controllers.The other is the design and development support of the main parts of drones, and the construction of a series of systems from mass production to disposal.

The biggest purpose is to avoid data leaks such as images and flight logs, and in some cases the risks that are hijacked.Developing a "safe and secure" drone base technology that meets the needs of government and public sector, such as disaster response, infrastructure inspection, search and monitoring, and also publishes the flight controller API and the main parts interface.The aim is to expand industrial use in the private sector, including infrastructure operators, and strengthen international competitiveness in drone industries.

ACSL is responsible for the center of project promotion.The Yamaha Motor, NTT DoCoMo, Zakti, and the Institute for Mechanics Simulation Research Institute bring their own specialty and knowledge unique to mass production and quality assurance.

Such "startups and the creation of innovation in which large companies cooperate" is exactly what the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry pushes.The initiative began in May last year of the Corona evil, and the agile development system that absorbs the government's needs at any time, which is almost remotely in collaboration with five companies and completed the prototype within one year, and the agile development system that absorbs government needs at any time.It is a feature of.

Specifications of "Safe and secure domestic drone"

According to ACSL's Washiya, the drone under development has four features.First, it is a small aerial photography machine.Weight 1.It is 7 kg and 65cm wide, supporting IP43 (dustproof waterproofing).Next, the point that the camera can be switched with one touch depending on the application.And security measures that conform to ISO 14508, which control the drone-GCS-cloud system at a stretch.The agile development also reflects user feedback in the UI design of the GCS application and Propo.

By the way, this is the productification specification announced on the day.The flight time is 30 minutes, the standard camera is 4K compatible with 20 million pixels, a remote ID required for the next revision of the Aviation Law, and a three -way collision avoidance function using imaging using infrared rays will be implemented.

The security control of the flight controller is being developed jointly by ACSL and NTT DOCOMO.Integrates drone aircraft control, aircraft management, and information processing from the explanation of flight controllers, GCS applications, cloud systems, and acquired data, "take over with three components and take security measures by encryption and mutual authentication".I understood that the construction of a mechanism to be secure and the public will be open to the public in the future.

This is a detailed material of basic technology development and GCS interface."We are aiming for something highly intuitive based on user feedback."

Development proposals were also shared for cameras that can be switched with one touch.It is said that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has interviewed each ministry "what functions are needed."The data taken with the far -infrared sensor is displayed overlapping the data taken with visible light, and the use of distress and rescue is expected to be used.In addition, the need for multi -spectra cameras that can measure the NDVI value that indicates the distribution status and activity of the vegetation is high, and the NDVI measurement is possible with a single -lens.

Aiming to launch the market after this fall

Regarding the future of government procurement, Mr. Kawakami, director of the next -generation empty mobility policy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Industrial Machinery Division, said:

Kawakami: We are expecting market launches after autumn.The bidding will start during this year, and it will be a story about whether this safety and security drone can enter or not.In addition to spreading this aircraft, we hope that various aircraft will be created by the release of API, and the industrial base will spread.

In addition, Mr. Saishi Paper Book of the Grid Skyway Liability Business Association, who commented at the presentation, has expressed his expectation for the use of power equipment inspection.

Paper Book: There are 430,000 tower in Japan, and the shape of the equipment is diverse.In addition to the functionality that allows as close as possible to grasp the status of the equipment, a technology to improve productivity, such as checking multiple tower at once, is required.Until now, small aircraft options were very limited, but this aircraft is equipped with advanced specifications and is very much fun.I want to get it as soon as possible.

NEDO, the subject of this project, said, "I would like you to commercialize it promptly after the business and ensure that the market introduction in FY2021 will be realized."It is said that what to do with revenue distribution, how to reduce costs that are essential for spread, and licenses for other companies to use it.

Nevertheless, I want to see where it is actually flying.The announcement of the prototype this time is an interim announcement.According to the announcement that the business is scheduled for the end of the business, the aircraft, propos, GCS, cloud systems, etc. are also realistically covered, and it is really easy to use in the field business, and what kind of development utilization for service operators.I would like to tell you if there is a possibility.