What is <Sudujin>? -En reading the...


What is <Sudujin>? -En reading the Korean massacre under the Great Kanto Earthquake (5) The darkness of "15 yen and fiftyen"

Corps abandoned by Mikura Bridge ("Sunday Mainichi" September 7, 1975)


While the train with Shigeharu Tsuboi stops at Isobe Station in Gunma Prefecture, three hidden Koreans are captured.What happened to their fate?The content of the rhythm 蜚 蜚 was escalating far from Tokyo.The power of the newspaper media was working greatly there.(Liu Yunaga Noboru) [Photo Special] This is the site of the hate speech in Japan (8 pieces) ◆ In the fate of the caught Koreans, the train on the Tsuboi entered Shin -Etsu Main Line from Omiya.Every time I arrived at the stop on the way, the soldiers got in and checked not only the inside of the car but also to the bottom of the train.At Joshu / Isobe Station (Gunma Prefecture), three Koreans were hidden at the bottom of the passenger car....... After a while, my voice came up.And the three poor fresh workers were caught by the Youth General of this land.In the voice of time, my ears were heard in my ears, such as being killed, killing, and killing them.…… People in the car discussed the current events.Some concluded that the freshman was hiding at the bottom of the train to overturn this train.What happened to the caught Koreans?Let's draw examples in Tokyo from "Record of the Kanto Earthquake of the Korean massacre -Testimony of 1100 by Tokyo District" (Masao Nishizaki, modern Shokan).First, it is a tragedy in Mikura Bridge over the northwest of Ryogoku Kokugikan.5. Six Koreans are tied to the wire behind, come in to the Mikura Bridge, connect to the tree, listen to various things, and go down, so it goes down.The people also rushed to me, and say "parent's enemy, child's enemy", etc., What time (when) dies.(Sumida -ku, Masaru Naruse, then 20 years old) Yokobe Park, which is now built by the "Korean victims", has also become a slaughter site.Four or ten people tied up and pulled down in a small vacant lot (currently Yokami Park).So, I pressed it with a burnt box (stick pile), and I thought it was water in a bottle, but when I thought it was a bukkake, I put on the fire, and then it was really painful.He holds down the depression with a baking box, and his eyes are bloody, saying, "These killed our siblings and parents so much."(Sumida -ku / Masao Urabe, then 16 years old)