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Mitsuo Iso of "Outside Boys and Girls" why do you do "shooting" yourself [Part 2] (Weekly News)

Director Mitsuo Iso's long -awaited original anime "Outside Boys and Girls"

『地球外少年少女』の磯 光雄監督は、なぜ「撮影」も自身でやるのか【後編】(週プレNEWS)

Mitsuo Iso's original anime "Outside Boys and Girls", which is known for the anime "Cyber Coil", has been completed for the first time in about 15 years.[Image] Participated in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 Pocket War", "Omo Hidoporoporo", "New Century Evangelion", "BloodTheLastVAMPIRE", "Kill Bill", etc.In 2007, Iso announced the "Cyber Coil", which handled the original, scriptwriter, and director.Despite his first director, he won many awards, including the Best Agency of the Cultural Affairs Agency Media Arts Festival Animation Division and the Japan SF Grand Prize.The long -awaited new work, outside the Earth Boys and Girls, came to travel from the earth with children living in a Japanese -made space station, set in 2045, when human beings entered the universe due to the development of technology.Juvenile depicting encounters and adventures with children.It is composed of all six episodes, and the second part is currently available for two weeks from February 11 for two weeks.In addition to selling BLU -RAY and DVDs for the theatrical release, NETFLIX is also distributed worldwide.Following the first part of the interview, in the second part, we asked about the images of the video and the source of the idea.■ The merit and difficulty of the director as a “shooting” -Concise is also the original, scriptwriter, and director in this work, following “Cyber Coil”, and is also credited even in “shooting” ( *).increase.Actually, I've been worried about it for a long time, but it's rare for the director to take a picture.Iso may be so.Not only is it just checking, but in my case I am creating the final screen in the "shooting" process.* Shooting is a part that finishes the material that comes up from each production department into one of the works that are actually broadcast.At present, it is not a camera, but it is mainly to work on a computer to work.It is a part that allows you to watch the completed animation for the first time.――Is it inevitable?I'm doing the work to determine the degree of perfection like a rocky image, so it's an essential work in my case.Shooting is usually the final process of animation production, and to be precise, it is a work called a composite, but I am not a general shoot, but it is a production judgment such as adding effects and adjusting drawing.Most of the work is included.――However, if the director is in charge so far, will the amount of work be enormous?The last one of the beach production is almost all night.At this age, I think it's tough all night, but this work also stayed all night many times.However, it is necessary for the work, so it does not bother because you judge that you should do it yourself.――Wh you do that, the moment of completion was when Mr. Iso was convinced?I don't often go to the place where Iiso is convinced.It ends when time or physical strength is exhausted.When I don't have the response from me, "this is the end" (laughs).