"Mirabel and Magical's House full o...


"Mirabel and Magical's House full of magic" eldest daughter and second daughter are also unveiled by the three sisters dancing.



Movie "Mirabel and Magical House" Japanese version of poster

『ミラベルと魔法だらけの家』長女と次女もお披露目 3姉妹が踊る日本版ポスター解禁

 From the latest movie of Disney Animation Studio's movie "Mirabel and Magical House", the colorful Japanese poster with three sisters has been lifted. [Video] "Mirabel and Magic House full of magic and music" Japanese version of the Japanese version This is a musical fantasy depicting the success of a new heroine Mirabel living in a world full of "magic". This is the first new original musical in four years since "Moana and the Legendary Sea" (2017), which became a big hit with a box office revenue of more than 5 billion yen in Japan. The director is Mirabel, born in a mysterious house with a magical power, led by the vibrant of Colombia, South America. Children born in the Madrigal family where Mirabel lives is given a "magic talent (gift)" with different personality, but only one Mirabel has only one "magic gift". rice field. Unlike Mirabel, her magic talent was her eldest daughter Isabella and her second daughter, Luisa, who was unveiled on the Japanese poster. She grows plants and always blooms colorful flowers around Isabella, which gave a gift to bloom. And her magic gift given to Luisa is "power (power)". She is relying on her family and townspeople as a strong, powerful and excellent worker. The older sisters who support her family with her power are perfect. On the other hand, Mirabel, who has no special power, is a very ordinary girl. Surrounded by her residents, her sisters are relied on, Mirabel spent a positive spare while having a sense of alienation and anxiety at the bottom of her heart, but one day she is in danger of this magical house. Knowing that he is, stands up as her only hope. Why doesn't Mirabel have magic talent (gifts)? What is the secret hidden in a magical house ...? Director Jarred Bush said, "We wanted to be a character that feels real, human, and loves the audience. There are drawbacks, but it feels cute. She is typical. It's not a hero, but I think many people will feel sympathy. " The animated movie "Mirabel and Magic -Fine" will be released on November 26.